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New Leadership Skills Assessment

Procedure for the New Leadership Skills Assessment

The New Leadership Skills Assessment consists of 8 competency areas. Each field of competence is processed in 2 steps:

  1. Assessment of current skills using a scale.
  2. Determine focus areas to strive for improvement in

As a result, you will receive a personal competence profile with a summary of the areas for improvement.

The procedure is suitable as a self-assessment, or you ask third parties to assess you and thus obtain independent feedback.

Description of the New Leadership Skills Assessment

The New Leadership Skills Assessment is based on various studies on future requirements in the world of work (including McKinsey Skills of the Future). The majority assumes that tomorrow’s work will be characterised by increasing digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, managers will also have to find their way in a hybrid working world. Employees work both in the office and from home at times. This requires special and partly new competences from managers. These competences have been divided into 8 competence fields:

Thematic classification

Self-assessment or third-party feedback method

Limits of Application

As with any self-assessment, the result depends on personal reflection. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you can take away from it. In order to reduce complexity, the scale was divided into 4 fields with the help of which the assessment is made. On the one hand, this may be inaccurate, but on the other hand it helps to avoid different interpretations.

Advanced methods