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Procedure of the Change Impact Analysis

The three steps of change impact analysis

This analysis supports you in making changes in your company. The implementation of a new strategy requires the support of extensive change management. The forces of inertia in the company must be understood and supporters found for the upcoming innovations. This is the only way you can focus your scarce resources on the essential areas.


The analysis is divided into three parts:
1. Reasons and Goals – What do you want to achieve and why?
2. Stakeholders – who do you need to involve?
3. Impact – How big is the impact on different areas of your business?

After you have described the type of change project, define clear goals . In this way, you create a common understanding of your initiative among all those involved. The reasons for the change are also an essential element. After all, change works best when the reasons behind it are transparent and understandable for those involved.

Then you determine who will be affected by the planned changes and which people or organizations should play an active role. Depending on the influence and concern, you will later define different communication measures for the different groups.

Finally, a detailed change impact assessment determines the degree to which certain areas of your company are affected by the change. On the one hand, this helps you not to overlook any essential elements of the change project and, on the other hand, you can use the evaluation to determine what the focus of your change measures should be.


As a result, you will receive an overview of your change project and tips on what you should pay particular attention to.

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Ralf Langen is a recognized expert on change and transformation issues. He has already supported well-known international corporations such as Deutsche Bahn in planning and implementing their change projects. In this method, you benefit from his extensive knowledge and you are welcome to get in touch with him if necessary.