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6-3-5 Team Brainstorming

6-3-5 Team Brainstorming Approach


  1. You determine the specific topic and inform the participants about it.
  2. Each participant writes down 3 ideas. Up to 6 people / groups use their own template.
  3. The moderator specifies a specific time after which each participant/group changes the template and adds 3 more ideas.
  4. This procedure (steps 2 and 3) is now repeated up to 5 times, so that each participant has added their ideas to all templates.
  5. The most suitable entries are selected for further processing.

Description of the 6-3-5 team brainstorming method

In 6-3-5 team brainstorming, a large number of ideas are developed by different participants / experts in several rounds. The name 6-3-5 Team Brainstorming stands for the procedure: up to 6 participants each provide 3 suggestions, which are repeated in 5 iterations.

This method was developed by Bernd Rohrbach.

Thematic classification

Method for developing creative solutions in a team.

Who benefits from this method?

  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Projects

Practical tips

  • The moderator sets a time limit for collecting ideas.
  • Suitable time windows are: 3 to 5 minutes as part of an online session or half a day or until the end of the working day with parallel elaboration.

Limits of Application

The 6-3-5 method leads to a variety of ideas. Prioritization and selection is therefore absolutely necessary. It’s also important to set a time limit, whether it’s an online session or anytime, anywhere elaboration.

Alternative methods: