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IT position analysis / as-is analysis of IT

Thematic areas of the IT assessment

Procedure for the strategic IT assessment

The strategic IT assessment consists of 4 superordinate topics, which in turn are subdivided into sub-topics.

  1. There are a number of questions to be answered for each sub-topic.
  2. The answers should be supplemented with comments where possible and appropriate.
  3. At the end of each question section there is an input mask for necessary fields of action or for describing the target image.

Who should answer the questions on the as-is analysis?
In many cases, this can be done by the CIO or IT manager. In larger IT organisations, the theme leaders should be involved.

The assessment can be worked out in a team or as an individual. In the context of a hybrid consulting approach, facilitation by an experienced consultant / expert is recommended.

Classification of the strategic IT assessment

If you want to improve something, you have to know the starting position. The IT position analysis / as-is analysis of IT is an internal analysis of the IT processes, the organisation, the maturity level of the technology and the financial situation. The results report of this assessment shows the current status of all areas of IT clearly in a network diagram and gives initial indications of possible fields of action within the framework of the development of an IT strategy or future IT objectives.

Notes on the application

For the further development of the IT strategy, it is very important to always work in writing. Only when all answers, information or results have been put down in writing can they be revised, further developed and jointly incorporated into the IT strategy.

As with any assessment, the outcome depends on honest reflection.

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