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New Normal Analysis

Procedure for the New Normal analysis

  1. As with the classic SWOT analysis, you go into the strengths and weaknesses of the company separately and then deal with the opportunities and risks.
  2. It will help you to look at the main influences and restrictions due to Corona (see the following section). Their effects are the focus of the analysis.
  3. Characteristics of the main influences in the company are listed by clicking on Show Proposals.
  4. Then review each general impact to see how it applies to your organization. Adapt the descriptions to the specific situation of the company.
  5. If needed, add the effects.
  6. After you have made your assessment, consider the consequences of it. Which projects or activities are to be tackled in the next step.

Description of the New Normal Analysis

Corona has hit every company worldwide. Nothing will be the same in the future as it was before the Corona Pandemic. Many call it the ‘new normal’. The New Normal Analysis developed by ConWISE helps you to process the findings in a structured manner and to draw lessons from them. The New Normal analysis is based on an assessment of the strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / risks based on concrete influences from the corona restrictions. Strengths and weaknesses indicate what should change in the short term, while opportunities and threats are aimed at permanent changes in the company. The New Normal Analysis helps you to process the findings of the past few months in a structured way and to draw lessons from them. Individually tailored to your company, your organization or your team.

Thematic classification

Method for analyzing the long-term Corona effects on your organization.

Who benefits from this method?

  • Management
  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Departments
  • Projects
  • Product manager

The Influencing Factors

  • Home office and remote work
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Digitization of services and processes
  • Operating in global markets

Practical tips

Details on the long-term influencing factors and how a New Normal analysis is carried out can also be found in the article ” The New Normal: how has Corona changed your company?”