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Cloud cost check

Cloud cost check

Subject areas in the cloud cost check


  1. They each answer questions about the savings levers relating to the following cloud topics:
    • cloud computing power (cloud computing),
    • Managed Storage Services / Managed Storage (e.g. EBS for AWS),
    • cloud networks and
    • Managed Database Services / Managed Database.
  2. Your answers are based on multiple choice and selective options.
  3. Based on your answers, you will receive a list of suggested actions. You can adapt these to your situation and then call them up in a management report.

When does it make sense to carry out a cloud cost check?

  • Your cloud service is based on a mix of different instances with different computing power (computing/processor cores).
  • They differentiate between different environments, eg for production, development and test
  • They store different types of data (e.g. user data, customer data, technical data)
  • Data exchange between cloud and on-premise (e.g. own server, data center).


Cloud computing offers many advantages for your company, but also represents an increasing block of costs. The cloud cost check is a self-assessment tool. This means you can find out within minutes whether there are any cost-cutting levers available to you.

Thematic classification of the cloud cost check

Assessment procedures

Who benefits from this method?

  • Organizations
  • Business units
  • Corporations
  • Departments
  • Startups

Practical tips

Limits of Application

A self-assessment only reflects a subjective assessment of your current situation. Therefore, the fields of action shown are only options that may require a detailed analysis. Further cost levers can also be identified with the brainstorming or 6-3-5 team brainstorming methods. Use these opportunities.

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