Pre-Mortem Thinking / Inversion Method

Pre-Mortem / Inversion Template

Premortem approach

Procedure for the Pre-Mortem Thinking / Inversion method

  1. First, you describe a solution that represents the worst-case scenario. Which situation do you want to avoid at all costs?
  2. You then derive possible causes for this case. What could have gone wrong? Think about it over a longer period of time.
  3. Only knowledge of the possible causes will help you to take appropriate measures and initiatives. Also evaluate the cost-benefit ratio and how far the risk of a worst-case scenario is reduced.
  4. With this knowledge, you ultimately define the best possible solution or secure your target with additional measures.
Description of the Pre-Mortem Thinking / Inversion method

The pre-mortem thinking approach is also known as the inversion method and originally comes from the field of project management. The premortem thinking method is used in cases where the assumptions made could be wrong or not realistic. The basic idea of the method is that if you first deal with what can go wrong, you will develop a better (since more robust) solution. The method also helps to define accompanying measures and safeguards.

Thematic classification

method for finding a solution.

Who benefits from the Pre-Mortem Thinking / Inversion method?

  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Business units
  • Projects
  • Startups

Limits of Application

Thinking in scenarios and probabilities is required. Even if those involved are convinced of your solution, when using this method you have to detach yourself from it and sometimes think the unthinkable. It is also not about throwing the current solution overboard, but rather making it more robust against external influences or internal events. Only when you become aware of what can go wrong are you able to master critical situations.

Alternate Methods