Brainstorming Template

Brainstorming Approach


  1. First, describe the topic you want it to be about. In this way you prevent misunderstandings among the participants.
  2. The participants collect ideas or give their feedback on the given topic.
  3. If you received a large amount of feedback, you have the opportunity to select the most relevant results for your purpose. This step is not mandatory for the actual brainstorming. But facilitates further handling of the results.


Brainstorming (or brainwriting) is one of the most popular ways to generate ideas and input on a given topic. Use it when creativity is required or you are looking for fresh ideas. ConWISE offers a digital brainstorming template for teams.

Thematic classification

Brainstorming is a method for finding creative solutions. The method is also suitable for uncomplicated use in workshops.

Who benefits from this method?

  • Management
  • Teams
  • Visionaries
  • Employees

Practical tips

  • The digital template from ConWISE can support the development of corporate strategies.
  • Teams can work with the template remotely or in online sessions or workshops.
  • Give a specific time frame for the brainstorming.
  • On the ConWISE system, you can easily invite experts inside and outside the company to brainstorm. Information and results from other (current) sessions are protected and not visible to third parties.
  • Always think of a clear description of the topic / goal, this is the prerequisite for achieving good results in the end.
  • If possible, arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss the entries together. This way you avoid different interpretations.
  • If you have received a large number of results, you should always make a selection.
  • Do not judge feedback according to “good” or “bad”, but rather whether it is more or less useful for the specific purpose.

Alternative methods: