AI application strategy

AI application strategy

Approach to the AI application strategy


  1. At the beginning you record the use cases to define the use of AI in your company.
  2. You then focus on overarching AI topics, questions, goals and requirements.
  3. This will give you tips for necessary initiatives. The focus of the AI strategy is also determined.
  4. Finally, you map the initiatives in a roadmap. The AI roadmap can serve as a starting point for the implementation phase.

Description of an AI application strategy

You can use the AI application strategy as a guide for the use of artificial intelligence in the company. The AI application strategy defines your priorities, possible use cases, required measures and the general roadmap. The special focus is on the areas that represent the key success factors when using artificial intelligence: data, guidelines, technology and skills / capacities in the company.

Thematic classification

Method of strategic management.

Who benefits from this method?

  • Organizations
  • business areas
  • Corporations
  • Departments
  • Startups

Practical tips for creating an AI application strategy

  • Use the creativity methods of the ConWISE platform.
  • Invite external AI experts to individual elaborations. In this way, the actual strategy development can remain within your team, but you benefit from additional tips and knowledge from third parties.
  • You can find out how to develop a successful AI strategy for your company and what you should pay attention to in our article “Successfully developing AI strategies” .

Limits of Application

Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence is required. Current IT and data management topics such as cloud computing, IT security and database technologies should also be known. However, the AI strategy is also subject to the current technical possibilities. You should therefore regularly check whether there are new application possibilities for AI in your company.

Alternate Methods